Northern Art #3

On the 3rd of March 2015 Kerri and Ro performed Labelling, a live art installation, at Northern Art #3 which was held at the Theatre Delicatessen in Sheffield. The Northern Art Festivals are a monthly event showcasing performances from emerging artists based in the North of England. At Northern Art #3 we shared the night with many other performers; poets, dancers, participatory live art and musicians.


Labelling is a live installation piece which uses post it notes to build the installation. The audience were asked to write words on the post it notes which came to mind when they thought of Mental Health. These were then placed in the space by Kerri and Ro, who both danced an interacted with each other during this process.


Kerri and Ro had a fantastic time at Northern Art #3 and appreciated the warm welcome they were given by the Sheffield crowd. ‘Labelling’ like all of Paperworks activities aims to get people thinking about what Mental Health is. The audience at Theatre Delicatessen certainly had a lot of ideas on what words related to Mental Health for them.




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