I.D.entity – Day 1 @Union 105

The week is finally here and we’ve been in the space at Union 105 all day; folding, tearing, sorting, writing, creating and generally working our socks off so we are ready for the launch of I.D.entity on Wednesday evening.

On arrival we made up all the boxes we’d already folded and then took a deep breath – at how many we still have to make over the next 2 days. Its going to be a challenge! But we will do it…


The next important task was to collate all the responses we collected from the streets. Once we laid them all out we were really struck by how many people identified themselves by a personality trait/emotion. We had expected more people to state there gender, race, sexuality, religion as an important part of their identity, and in fact very few people gave us these kinds of responses. We also noticed that we had we had lots of women who gave their role in a family unity (Mother, sister, grandmother, aunt), but none only 2 men answered in this way and nobody gave us the word father/dad as part of their identity. What do these insights tell us about the relationships people have with their identity?

Early in the evening we were joined by Charlotte Arnold who will be performing in the live art installation on Friday 14th Oct 7-8pm. We are now really excited about this event and are looking forward sharing this it with you! Get yourself booked on (email paperworkforwellbeing@outlook.com) and come along.

Its been a long day, but we are ready to get ourselves back in the space tomorrow and get installed!



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