Last Day of I.D.entity at Union 105

After a fantastic performance from Charlotte Arnold last night we’re back in the space with a general sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Time for some quiet contemplation, classic FM is on in the background the teas brewing and we can gather our thoughts. This week has been very intense at times at others very still, mainly from exhaustion, both being pregnant and working our regular jobs as well as bringing this space and project to life has been quite a task, which wasn’t helped by me coming down with a virus right in time for the opening on Wednesday. However we have managed to bring together a project that has been very thought provoking. We have engaged with over 100 people of Leeds to bring them into the conversation surrounding identity and created a space that not only reflects our identity as “Paperwork” (with the use of post it notes and white paper) but looks visually beautiful and intriguing, a testament to this has been the amount of people who have stopped at the window either in cars or from the street and spent time looking. Through this process we have definitely been left with more questions than answers but it was never our intention to get any answers but simply to start conversations. So here we are around 15,000 folds and 250 comments later unsure whether we are at the beginning or the end.


Boxes deconstructed and labels off the wall we now look forward to being able to incorporate all that we’ve learnt during this project into future collaborations together. The Origami boxes will return at some point in the future as we delve deeper into the theme of identity!


We would like to end by saying a huge THANKYOU to Leeds Inspired and Arts&Minds for funding this project, and to Union 105 for providing us with a fantastic space to work in.


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