Last Day of I.D.entity at Union 105

After a fantastic performance from Charlotte Arnold last night we’re back in the space with a general sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Time for some quiet contemplation, classic FM is on in the background the teas brewing and we can gather our thoughts. This week has been very intense at times at others very still, mainly from exhaustion, both being pregnant and working our regular jobs as well as bringing this space and project to life has been quite a task, which wasn’t helped by me coming down with a virus right in time for the opening on Wednesday. However we have managed to bring together a project that has been very thought provoking. We have engaged with over 100 people of Leeds to bring them into the conversation surrounding identity and created a space that not only reflects our identity as “Paperwork” (with the use of post it notes and white paper) but looks visually beautiful and intriguing, a testament to this has been the amount of people who have stopped at the window either in cars or from the street and spent time looking. Through this process we have definitely been left with more questions than answers but it was never our intention to get any answers but simply to start conversations. So here we are around 15,000 folds and 250 comments later unsure whether we are at the beginning or the end.


Boxes deconstructed and labels off the wall we now look forward to being able to incorporate all that we’ve learnt during this project into future collaborations together. The Origami boxes will return at some point in the future as we delve deeper into the theme of identity!


We would like to end by saying a huge THANKYOU to Leeds Inspired and Arts&Minds for funding this project, and to Union 105 for providing us with a fantastic space to work in.


I.D.entity – Day 5 @Union 105 (performance night)

Today the space was open to the public during the day and in the evening we had our live art performance by Charlotte Arnold.

Charlotte and Rosemary had a rehearsal in the afternoon which showed the promise of what was to come in the evening…

After the rehearsal all there was left to do was to tidy the space ready for our audience and use the down time to take some good pictures of the space (photos to come from Kerri’s fancy camera at a later date!).

The Performance – Charlotte was mesmerising as she glided through the boxes, shifting and changing the space around her, allowing the audience to see new perspectives. Her honest and open speeches to the audience were captivating and provided a context to the installation and her movement. We could have watched her for hours and were so pleased with the results of this performance.


I.D.entity – Day 3 & Launch @ union 105

Today started with a rather large blow to our plans. Kerri came down with a horrible bug in the night and is now bed bound for the time being. So as 2 became 1, and a heavily 8 months pregnant 1 at that, the pressure was on to prepare for the launch.

Thankfully we were pretty much ready the night before so just some final tweaks were needed and we were all set to go. Rosemary even had the time to squeeze in an afternoon rehearsal for Friday night with Charlotte Arnold.

Charlotte was looking beautiful moving in the space and we can’t wait to see how the final live art/dance installation is going to turn out on Friday night 7-8pm. Come along at any point in the hour to check it out and stay as long as you’d like…

Come the evening all was ready and we had a wonderful launch. We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who came down and contributed to the space. With particular thanks to Love Arts Festival for coming down to check out the space and to Chapel FM for interviewing us for their show next week.

We’re open Thurs 13th-Sat 15th 10:00 – 16:00 – please do come down, see the exhibition and even add something to the space. We are asking people to add a post it note to our wall of identity and for those who want to learn how to build a box, they can add a box to the space too…

Don’t forget we’ve also got the following free events (don’t worry if you’ve not booked, just turn up!):

FREE workshop Thursday 13th 6-8pm @union 105 – come along and explore identity with us whilst learning some paper-craft and doing some movement/relaxation activities.

FREE Live art performance Friday 14th 7-8pm @Union 105 – Come along ans see Charlotte Arnold explore the space through movement.

I.D.entity – Day 2 @ Union 105

Today started with multiple breakfasts! Cereal, pastries, pancakes, chocolate biscuits, tea and coffee!! Necessary for the long day ahead.

Once we had the fuel in we set to more folding… unsurprisingly.

As the day progressed our ideas solidified – creating a space which will evolve over the week, which visitors can add to. We interviewed each other and despite technical difficulties (no-internet) managed to edit the sound together ready to install in the space.

After a very very long day, we are pretty much ready to launch tomorrow. Wednesday 6-9pm at Union 105. Come along – it’s free and you’ll get the opportunity to contribute to the exhibition which will grow and develop as the week goes on.


I.D.entity – Day 1 @Union 105

The week is finally here and we’ve been in the space at Union 105 all day; folding, tearing, sorting, writing, creating and generally working our socks off so we are ready for the launch of I.D.entity on Wednesday evening.

On arrival we made up all the boxes we’d already folded and then took a deep breath – at how many we still have to make over the next 2 days. Its going to be a challenge! But we will do it…


The next important task was to collate all the responses we collected from the streets. Once we laid them all out we were really struck by how many people identified themselves by a personality trait/emotion. We had expected more people to state there gender, race, sexuality, religion as an important part of their identity, and in fact very few people gave us these kinds of responses. We also noticed that we had we had lots of women who gave their role in a family unity (Mother, sister, grandmother, aunt), but none only 2 men answered in this way and nobody gave us the word father/dad as part of their identity. What do these insights tell us about the relationships people have with their identity?

Early in the evening we were joined by Charlotte Arnold who will be performing in the live art installation on Friday 14th Oct 7-8pm. We are now really excited about this event and are looking forward sharing this it with you! Get yourself booked on (email and come along.

Its been a long day, but we are ready to get ourselves back in the space tomorrow and get installed!


I.D.entity Leeds City Centre

We went to the city centre last Friday to ask the question of how people identify themselves to the folk we met. At first we felt very avoided armed with a clip board on Briggate this is not surprising as people rush around conducting their daily business trying to avoid charity hustlers and surveyors. This was very different to the suburb areas of Leeds where even if people didn’t want to speak we got acknowledged. However after working on our approach and rewording our dialogue to can you help me stance (Ro’s heavily pregnant appearance helped with this) people started offering us their responses. In fact we got some quite philosophical debates occurring that bought up a whole myriad of pondering’s and questions, including: Does identity cause conflict both internally and for humanity? Will we ever can we ever truly know who we are? Identity isn’t fixed its fluid and changing.

Thanks to the people of Leeds for being so generous with your thoughts. We are now in the process of collating all this information into an installation at Union 105 ESA project space on Chapeltown Road this will available to view from Thursday 13th to Saturday 15th from 10am – 4pm. We have the exhibition launch Wed 12th 6-8pm free workshop Thusday 6-8pm and a free dance/ live art performance Friday 7-8pm

Email to book a free place.