Play Day -‘Flash Shows’@Assembly House

On the 15th of May 2016 we had a great day of Play as part of Assembly House’s series of Flash Shows.

We invited colleagues from other art forms to come and join us for a day of Play (R&D) in the Gallery Space at Assembly House. We finished off the day with a ‘flash’ performance created from the ideas we had explored throughout the day.

Click here to see a Time lapse from our Play Day

We ended up sharing a structured improvisation in an environment built from paper. The audience where encouraged to be a part of the performance by  being in control of our ‘origami fortune tellers’ – also known as  cootie catchers, chatterboxes, salt cellars and many other names!

Origami Fortune Tellers

At the end of the performance we invited our audience to come and play in the space and take part in ‘Emergence’. Paperwork has been developing ‘Emergence’ over the last year and we will be offering  it to the general public to come and try at the beyond festival opening night in June.

We had a great day and it sparked plenty of ideas for future projects. Thank you to everyone who came to play and those who came to watch our performance and especially to the audience who generously got involved and had a go at ‘Emergence’.

Real Me

Real Me is a video made by Paperwork with participants from West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. The video was created as the final product from a 10 week project exploring mental health and creativity.

The Art Party

Kerri and Ro took ‘Labelling’ to The Art Party on the 9th of May 2015. ‘Labelling’ is a part of the Paperwork project, it uses post-it notes to build an installation. ‘Labelling’ was performed as an audience participatory live installation piece. The audience were asked to write words on the post it notes which came to mind when they thought of Mental Health and then place them in the space where they wanted. While in the space participants were asked to abide by the rules for movement/travelling. The rules for movement changed throughout the day and all related in some way to perceptions of mental health: moving in circles, changing directions and travelling in slow motion.


The Art Party was led by a group of students from across Leeds College of Art in response to Bob and Roberta Smiths Art Party in Scarborough, 2013. The Leeds Arts Party highlighted the positive impact the arts have on society, the economy, and its importance in our education system, whilst also looking at how creative thinking can assist in developing a sustainable future. The  days events included: a programme of guest speakers, arts workshops, an arts market, exhibitions showcasing the value of the arts, curated conversations stimulating discussion and debate, and lots of live entertainment throughout the day.


Labelling was well received at the art party with lots of people joining in, adding their words and moving through the space.

11220810_10152766462485925_4581918312373688146_nHere are just a few of the words that were placed in the space.

11257786_299054906884772_3100260508295058115_nSome participants moved in the space for a minute, placing a single post-it note with a word written on it, others stayed in moving with Kerri and Ro for a long time placing many post it notes and some kept coming back throughout the day for more time to move in the space and with more words to post.


The day ended with Kerri and Ro moving together in the space and then playfully labelling each other up.


Northern Art #3

On the 3rd of March 2015 Kerri and Ro performed Labelling, a live art installation, at Northern Art #3 which was held at the Theatre Delicatessen in Sheffield. The Northern Art Festivals are a monthly event showcasing performances from emerging artists based in the North of England. At Northern Art #3 we shared the night with many other performers; poets, dancers, participatory live art and musicians.


Labelling is a live installation piece which uses post it notes to build the installation. The audience were asked to write words on the post it notes which came to mind when they thought of Mental Health. These were then placed in the space by Kerri and Ro, who both danced an interacted with each other during this process.


Kerri and Ro had a fantastic time at Northern Art #3 and appreciated the warm welcome they were given by the Sheffield crowd. ‘Labelling’ like all of Paperworks activities aims to get people thinking about what Mental Health is. The audience at Theatre Delicatessen certainly had a lot of ideas on what words related to Mental Health for them.



Paperwork with the Fire Service

In early 2015 10 members of staff from West Yorkshire Fire And Rescue Service (WYFRS) took part in a 10 week workshop called Paperwork. Paperwork was led by Kerri Butterworth and Rosemary Spencer at Hoot Creative Arts in Huddersfield. This project was a part of Hoot’s larger Going Sane? project. The project was titled “Paperwork”; paper was the main material used throughout the project and the staff attending were coming in work hours, when they would normally be in the office doing a different kind of paperwork. The group engaged in lots of creative activities that explored themes of Mental Health through Paper and Movement.

DSCN4895These activities opened up conversations about how we can support our own Mental Health and how creativity might play a part it that process.

paperwork 3

The group explored paper cutting, shadow play, wearable sculpture, origami, installations made from paper, structured dance improvisations, expressing emotions through movement, relaxation techniques and much much more!!

IMG_1952The group decided to make a film as their final product. This film incorporated elements of the activities we had all explored, brought together to express their chosen theme. They wanted to explore the idea that mental health is something we all have, and as such just like our physical health it has ups and downs. The film they created was called ‘Real Me’ and is currently being edited. We will post a link to ‘Real Me’ soon.


IMG_3794I have released my inner ‘mover’ and re-connected with my creativity.” Participant from WYFRS

cropped-cropped-dscn6521.jpgA unique opportunity to work with talented artists to create art in a range of media. Every session was exciting, fun and gave me an opportunity to explore what good mental health means to me in a supportive environment.” Participant from WYFRS



How Paperwork began

In 2014 Kerri Butterworth and Rosemary Spencer were picked to be a part of 12 ‘New Blood’ artists working with Hoot Creative Arts based in Huddersfield. The New Blood artist trained together over the summer of 2014 and then they were paired up to deliver the Going Sane? project at the start of 2015. Each pair was given a group to work with on a 10 week project exploring the relationships between sanity, insanity and creativity.  Kerri and Rosemary were placed together with the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. During which Paperwork was born!!

Image from a training session with Hoot Creative Arts, where Kerri and Ro first met and collaborated.
Image from a training session with Hoot Creative Arts, where Kerri and Ro first met and collaborated.